Whisky Gifts

The whisky expert is a difficult person to buy for, and often hard to impress. That’s where our Whisky Hampers come in. For the Scotch specialist or the Malt master, the lucky recipient will be thrilled with their gift. You may even escape the long speech on the origin of whisky as they will be too busy tasting!

The intention if this gift site is not the sale of alcohol substance as single units but to be used in our gift range as complimentary products ,
All alcohol products will be purchased from licensed re sellers and included in to the final gift and actual bill will be provided direct from the re seller – providing you a service of one stop shopping

You must be 21+ to purchase these: Ever Loving Gift encourages responsible drinking

“Males under 21 years of age and females are prohibited from possessing liquor in any public place. This limit of possession for arrack and toddy for males and females over 21 years in private places are restricted to 7.500 ltrs. and 1.500 ltrs. respectively. “- www.excise.gov.lk/

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